Anticipations for Life in Chile

Hello family and friends!

aventura - leaving brunswick

We are on a family sabbatical, leaving our home in Brunswick, Maine, to travel in Chile, Argentina and Peru.

aventura - boston airport

As part of their home school curriculum for the next six months, Everett and Ian will be blogging to keep you all posted on our adventures. Here’s their first post, written on the way to Santiago, Chile.

aventura - santiago view


Everett writes:

It is currently 11:00 on a cold day in December, and I am about to embark on a six month long journey to South America. My name is Everett Horch, and I am a seventeen year old from Brunswick Maine. I am traveling today with my parents, Fred and Hadley, and my younger brother Ian. Before my journey gets underway let me tell you what I expect.

The way I understand it, we will be flying into Santiago, Chile’s capital, where we will stay for a few days before making the trip to our more permanent home in Valparaíso. Here are some of the things I expect in Santiago. I expect Santiago will be a bustling and very polluted city, similar to Mexico City where the mountains surrounding the city have trapped the smog. I also expect that the people in Santiago will be kind to me and my family, and that we will meet many people who speak both English and Spanish.

I think that the city streets will smell like New York City’s where the are garbage bags piled on street corners. I do not expect the city to be vibrant with art or culture, but rather more gray, like a concrete jungle. Because Santiago is inland I think it will be humid and mid 80’s and that the air will be stuffy. Overall I don’t think that Santiago will be a city that I will want to spend more than a week in.

On the other hand, I think that I will enjoy Valparaíso. I expect the temperature to be moderate, in the 70’s, and because it is a coastal town, that there will be a nice breeze. I think that there will be much more art and color in the city, and that there will be parks and soccer fields that I can walk to. I expect Valparaíso to remind me of Portland, Maine.

I think a majority of the people that we meet in Valparaíso will only be able to speak Spanish. Therefore I believe it will be very difficult to communicate during the first few months. I am fairly sure that I will be able to find a soccer team that will let me play with them, and I am sure that I will miss all of my friends from Brunswick, my Seacoast team and the track team. Tune in to our next blog post to read the real report on Santiago and Valparaíso.

Ian writes:

What I expect from Chile

    What do I think Chile is going to be like? What do I think I’m going to do? I think Valparaíso is going to be full of colours, I think that the flavour of South America will taste so sweet. I think it’s going to be confusing, bewildering. I think it’s going to be an adventure.

    When I arrive in Valparaíso, I think it’s going to amaze me, I think the vibrant colours are going to make the whole city flavorful. I want to smell the air, practically taste this certain flavour in the air. I think I’m going to be able to take stunning photos from just our rental house! All in all, I’m excited for Valparaíso.

    Seeing the culture and art of South America is going to be an experience. I want to watch the characters ride by, see what’s going on, why it’s happening, and what caused things to happen.

    Travelling down to Patagonia is going to be awesome. I’m also excited to go to the great big sand dunes in northern Chile, I’ve heard that you can ski down them, so I’m really excited.  

    All in all, I hope that Chile will be an exhilarating experience. I hope that I will have some time to relax.

Cordelia, flying from Los Angeles where she is in the middle of her first year in college, joined us a day after the rest of the family arrived. She’s on winter break and not enrolled in the Horch Academy, so no update from her here!

aventura - kids in santiago

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