Travel Advice for Valparaiso Chile

Everett’s Advice


Here are some quick tips I can give anyone interested in traveling to Valparaiso.

First of all, if you are allergic to dogs, this city would be a very difficult place to visit. I have found that the dogs seem to understand who the tourists are and follow them begging for food. It is important that you do not pet the dogs, and pay no attention to them. As no matter how cute they may be, they are still stray dogs.

Secondly before visiting understand that this city is a colourful picturesque city filled with art, which is even more impressive in person, however, it is also one of the poorest cities in Chile. Because of this, some areas can become dangerous to visit specifically the tops of the hills. Also currently with a labour strike going on downtown, there are armoured military vehicles prepared to control the situation. Therefore a pretty and safe place to live would be at the base of a hill.

I believe this city will show you the real culture of the Chilean people. I have found Chileans to be very kind and inclusive. I showed up to a park and was asked to join a basketball game right away. In addition, our family was invited to watch a soccer game of our friendly tour guide.

So far in Chile, we have done a tour for tips which was educational and I would highly recommend. We also took a Chilean cuisine cooking class that taught us about the importance of only buying seafood from the indoor fish market.


Aquí son alguna aconsejo de viajan a valparaíso Chile. Son muchos perros en esta ciudad, pero no da los perros comida o atención. Segundo, este ciudad es muy bonito, pero además muy pobre. Es poco peligroso alto en los cerros y en el puerto. Un buen lugar para vivir sería el fondo de los cerros. Esta ciudad te enseñará sobre la cultura de Chile. Los chilenos son muy amables y te incluyen. Mi familia hizo una clase de cocina y un paseo que fue benéfica.

Ian’s advice

What is some advice for people who want to travel to Valparaiso?

1. Don’t spend too much time in Santiago.

Santiago is Chile’s capital, and as such, is actually quite a rich city, with many chain restaurants that can be found also be found in other countries. If you spend too much time in Santiago, you will have a harder time adjusting to the WAY poorer Valparaiso.

2. Don’t be scared to see stuff!

You may have heard that Valparaiso is a dangerous city, and you might get robbed. Valparaiso is just like any other big city. You might get pickpocketed in New York! If you just use common sense, you should be fine.

3. Enjoy all the amazing activities you can!

Look at all the beautiful graffiti! There are tons of really great restaurants and places to go and things to see! After all, it’s not every day that you spend in Valparaiso!

¡La gente aquí es muy amable! Además, la comida también es muy buena.

No hablo Español. Hablo Inglés. ¿Hablas Inglés?

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