Return to Valparaiso

Everett writes:

Now that we have returned to Valparaíso our home schooling begins in earnest. We try to get up and to the library to write each morning by around ten o’clock. I read the sports section of the local newspaper each day, and I am giving Spanish lessons to my Mom and brother. I am also in the process of finding a trumpet teacher. I am staying busy by studying for four AP tests. I enjoy the freedom of learning what I want.

I also try to play soccer every day. The local soccer field almost always has a pickup game going. My soccer team has been on vacation but they are coming back shortly and I am excited to play and hang out with them more soon this summer.

Living here comes with the challenge of eating here. With a small kitchen and no oven it is difficult to feed four people. We are exploring our neighborhood for a good cheap restaurant but are yet to find one. There are lots of fresh fruits and vegetables from the markets and we are experimenting to try and recreate the great strawberry mint lemonades we have had here. We have also tried to make a completo, a popular food here. Completo’s consist of a hot dog filled with tomato, avocado and mayonnaise.

Ian writes:

Returning to Valparaiso wasn’t exciting or exhilarating: the only emotions that I felt was that of relief, that the Patagonia trip was over.

The final days were spent in Santiago, with my family staying in a hotel room. We then left to find a subway, with all of our luggage. We shoved, pushed, pulled, yanked, and kicked our luggage down the bustling streets to the nearest entrance, which was, of course, closed. Four blocks and one broken suitcase wheel later, my family and I arrived at another subway entrance, this time, it was blocked off by the police. Yay.

After a very cramped taxi (yes we managed to fit all of us in one taxi), we arrived at the place where we supposedly get tickets or a bus to Valparaiso; nothing is ever as easy as it seems. We looked and looked for the ticket terminal, and realized, that it’s at a mall a couple of blocks away. Upon arrival to this mall, we learned that the bus terminal is actually down the street, four blocks away.

Eventually, we managed to sort everything out, we got tickets and was to board a bus at station 8 or 9, either one works. We stand around for a while until some nice person tells us that the bus we’re looking for is on the other side of the complex. That figured out, we finally board the CORRECT bus, and head back to Valparaiso, finally.

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