A picture’s worth a thousand words (Or so)

There are a lot of stray dogs here in Valparaiso; this is commonly due to the mistreatment of dogs. People buy puppies as gifts and then abandon the now bigger dogs a few years later. A result of this is that the streets of Valparaiso are now full of stray dogs, and by extension, their feces. Dog poop is everywhere, you have been warned! Some of these dogs possess injuries, such as limps, missing eyes, among other things. One of the worst things that can happen to you, is when a young dog with a limp begins to follow you, begging for food. It takes a will of iron to avoid adopting the most likely flea-ridden dogs.

As of Friday, February 1st, my family has not seen a dog get hit by a car, which is lucky, but we do not expect that luck to hold. Already we have seen some roadkill and a family that we suspected of eating some sort of dog-like animal (My dad believes it was a calf, but I’m not so sure).

The dogs here are like pandas, at least, during the day; all they do is lounge around and sleep. Once night falls, things change, however, as the once lethargic dogs begin vying for territory. The result: lots of barking. I mean, LOTS of barking. A ridiculous amount. Definitely keeps some people up.


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